Always keeping the present in mind while looking forward to the future.
— Thierry Fournier

Winegrower, a profession dedicated to the love and passion for wine

The result is a unique product which reflects the identity of Champagne Fournier: the bottle contains our decisions, our techniques and our history.

New perspectives

The whole vineyard is managed according to integrated viticulture policies, associated with a long-term environmental project. Respecting the soil and the plant is both part of our green project and a quality imperative, giving birth to excellent perspectives for the blends and building deep wines over time.

Around Meunier

Parents and sons share a beautiful passion for wine and aim to create highly precise champagnes around Meunier. We currently consider new winemaking ideas, and have great plans involving vinification and aging in oak barrels, and much more…

Follow us

With the help of his brother Maxime, Julien joined the Domaine’s team in 2020 after completing wine marketing studies and training abroad. The arrival of the two brothers writes a new chapter in the story of the family, following the design of a new vat room in 2007-2008 with temperature-controlled vats and a next-generation press. This new decade holds many exciting projects…


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