Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Five generations bound by the same passion: celebrating a terroir favourable to Meunier and producing unique grower wines.


The story of our Domaine begins in the 1930s with the first purchase of vineyards in Festigny, one of the cradles of Meunier and the cradle of Domaine Thierry Fournier.


Situated on the Left Bank of the Marne Valley, and more specifically in the Flagot Valley, Festigny is a village with a very rich winemaking tradition. Almost 200 hectares of vineyards overlook the village and its valley, now a reference for one of the famous Champagne grape varieties: Meunier.


The Marne Valley is renowned for its argilo-calcareous and marl-limestone soils containing a high percentage of clay. Although Festigny is located in the very heart of the Marne Valley, its soils are more chalky than other neighbouring terroirs. Thus, this village boasts an unusual and unique terroir.

The values of the Domaine are rooted in the close relationship between Thierry and his grandfather Henri, and in the symbiotic complementarity between Thierry and Murielle. Henri was a countryman committed to progress, continually looking to improve and develop his vineyards.

Henri Fournier

Henri’s determination and dedication, a vision transcending several generations, permeates our daily decisions.

Our vineyards were composed of a few plots in the 1980s, and thirty years later, they consist of 45 plots of Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, situated in 11 villages, ranging from historical crus of the Marne Valley (Festigny, Leuvrigny, Oeuilly…) to the Côte des Blancs area.

Une famille

Today, our rich terroir and our very different types of soils and subsoils enable us to produce Champagnes bearing our signature. This impetus makes us confident about the evolution towards more environment-friendly winegrowing techniques.

Thierry et Murielle Fournier

Affectionate and mutually supportive, Thierry and Murielle Fournier maintain a unique expertise, chiselling core values such as tenacity, precision and humility for more than 30 years.

Julien et Maxime Fournier

Today, the present is shaped by the arrival of Julien and Maxime on the Domaine. The two brothers share the values and the passion of past generations, and are willing to follow the same path as their forefathers, already looking forward to the future…

Our wines of

Champagne Thierry Fournier