The Champagne region is an idyllic setting for the production of great wines.

The terroir

We cherish our terroir of the Marne Valley, where the Meunier expresses all of its wonderful potential.

Actually, Meunier prevails in our vineyards and in our blends, and produces unique, very distinctive, aromatic and well-balanced wines.


Our vineyards extend over 11 villages.

The various grape varieties (Meunier, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir) combine with numerous types of soils and exposures. Each plot produces different grapes, offering a large palette of aromas and specificities which give birth to highly qualitative wines.


Multiple terroirs and keys involved in our harvest bring better precision in winemaking.


Our winemaking techniques respect the passing of time. We age our bottles in our cellars longer than usual in order to create more delicacy and enhance complexity.


All our bottles patiently age in our cellars for minimum four years before being disgorged. This longer aging brings more structure to the wines, and can even produce undergrowth notes and very delicate roasting.


Come and discover the secrets hiding in the intimate relationship between Champagne and its terroir. Come and explore our hilly landscape: we will suggest the most spectacular views and some nice hikes in the region. After all, we are only 1h30 drive from Paris or 45 minutes by train.

It is also a great opportunity to discover the multifaceted and exceptional Champagne Appellation and the environmentally-friendly techniques we use to grow our vines. For those who love history, we promise you will be fascinated by the turbulent past of the province.

The Champagne region and its historic slopes were listed in 2015 as UNESCO World Heritage, it is thus the perfect place to relax and enjoy a sparkling holiday!

Our wines of

Champagne Thierry Fournier